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BK-8002 | Amplifier
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Every amplifier is designed for reliable and continuous performance for extended periods. Rugged internal components and efficient heat sinks ensure consistent operation and power output. The controls feel very positive. These units come with bass boost control for superlative delivery of low spectrum sound. Built in variable frequency filters give you exceptional clarity and resolution
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Product Specification
• Output Power (THD: 1%, Battery: 13.8V)
• Input sensitivity: 0.2~10 V
• S/N Radio: 90 dB
• Frequency Response: 20~20 KHz
• Hi Pass Filter (12 dB OCT): 50~1K Hz
• Low Pass Filter (12 dB OCT): 50~250 Hz
• Treble Boost (test 10 KHz)
• Bass Boost Compensation (Test 60Hz): 6&12
• THD: 0.01%
• Damping Factor: >120DF
• Heat Protect: 805°C
• Power Supply Scope (DC): 10~15V
• Delay Start Time (SEC): 3~5 S
• Short Protection: 1Ω
• Fuse: 10AX2
• Power Cables Cross Section: ≥5.7mm
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 266x268x48.5m
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