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Each amplifier is designed with efficient heat sinks and rugged internal components to ensure reliable operation and power output. They come with bass boost control , built-in variable frequency filters. You can play your system “Brooklyn” hard for long periods of time without any problem.
Amplifier - BK-12004 BK-12004
Delivers the performance that is standard on all BK series amplifiers. Efficient heat sinks coupled with rugged and durable internal components are standard engineering designs for this series that ensure consistent and reliable performance even for extended periods without any difficulty. Heat protection at 80 plus or minus 5 degrees centigrade.
Amplifier - BK-14002 BK-14002
1400 watts into 2 channels with minimum distortion at high levels. Coherent performance resulting from the built in variable frequency filters and bass boost control. Smooth transient response and superior clarity that continues for long periods because of rugged internal components and efficient heat sinks.
Amplifier - BK-14004 BK-14004
The same excellent features that the BK-14002 features but with the added capability of driving 4 channels. The same efficient heat sinks and rugged internal components that makes delivery of high power output a breeze.
Amplifier - BK-120002 BK-16004
Pure 1600 watts power delivered into four channels. Bass boost control for tailored response. Variable frequency filters for smoother more coherent sound. Rugged internal components and efficient heat sinking so you can enjoy the superlative performance for longer periods without worries.
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